Bountiful Coorg

Coorg, a small hill station nestled in the state of Karnataka, offers luscious green habitat, picturesque mountainous terrains and a hideout location away from city chaos. Coffee, chocolates and spices are the specialties of this location. Coorg also presents opportunity to trek, walk down the winding hilly paths, enjoy adventure sports such as kayaking and rejuvenation free from disturbance.

On my first visit to Coorg, we stayed at an alluring homestay called Eco Habitat. The hosts were extremely homely and welcoming. The entire habitat is ecofriendly and a lot of pets live on the property. We even had a chance of affectionately fondling the pets. On my second visit to Coorg, we stayed at Citrus 4C’s homestay hosted by Airbnb. Two words that can best describe Citrus 4C’s is “Ideal Getaway”. Away from the city buzz, a peaceful and serene hideout at Madikeri complemented by the weather & surrounding greenery metamorphosed all negativity into positivity and tranquility. The terrace of the homestay offers exquisite morning dawns and evening sunsets. The homestay was clean, provided comfortable stay and the host served delectable Coorgy home cooked meals. Some of the delicacies served to us were – coorgy chicken, sambhar – rasam with rice, egg curry with traditional coorgy spices, well the list is endless. Both the homestays are highly recommended for anyone visiting Coorg and do try out the traditional home cooked meals served at these homestays.

You can visit “Raja’s seat” which is a popular tourist spot. The view of the sunset over the mountains is magical, no wonder it is said that the Maharaja’s or kings would sit at this place and watch the sun go down. You can also enjoy a thrilling gypsy ride or trek to Mandalpatti hills located at a height of approx. 5700 feet. It provides breathtaking view of the dense forests. The Tibetan Monastery and Dubare national park are some other tourist places which can be visited. Do aimlessly wander around the market of Madikeri and shop the local specialties.

Take a trip to Coorg, get pleasantly lost into its bountiful comeliness and meet your inner self whilst breaking away from all the mundane happenings around.


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