Pushkar – The Holy Town of Rajasthan

Home to the only temple of Lord Brahma, creator of the world (as per Hindu mythology), Pushkar town encompasses mesmerizing divinity. 11-km North West from Ajmer & separated from it, by ‘Nag Pahar (Snake Boundary), this town is a holy expedition.

Hotel Pushkar Fort, offers a comfortable stay, is surrounded by hills & situated very close to Savitri Temple. The chanting of prayers, the resonance of bells and the spellbinding location symbolises celestial devotion & belief. This town is famous for its Camel rides & ‘Pushkar Mela’, which are worth the experience.

The dusky & sinuous lanes of Pushkar invite the aroma of mouth-watering food & the sight of women cooking at the road-side ‘Dhabaas’ spurs the action of savouring ‘The Rajasthani Speciality’.

Moving through these lanes to retreat to Pushkar lake, one can attend the evening prayers, immerse into spirituality & connect with the inner self. Sitting by the lake side, offering my prayers to Lord Brahma (Lord Brahma is said to reside in the lake & not in the temple), the mysterious environment cocooned me. It made me forget all sorrows, introspect my deepest connections, pray for all the people I cared & steered me to embrace life’s challenges.

The magnetic force of this place propels positive vigor & one should definitely visit this pilgrimage town for its enchanting spell.


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