The “Gol-Gappa” Connect

Pani Puri

Indians at large have an emotional hitch with the eternal ‘Gol-Gappa’. Name it as you like, Pani Puri / Pani ke bataashe / Phuckha / Gup Chup / Pakodi / Ghopcha / etc., the essence stays the same – one of the most favored street snack.

The crackling & crispy Puri filled with sweet & spicy flavored water (Pani) accompanied with Chaat Masala / Potatoes / Chickpeas cannot be missed in India.

Some like it sweetened – some like it tangy, from the local street vendors selling it to the sterling high end restaurants offering it to the inclusion of this snack in almost every buffet spread, whatever tastes or preferences, the experience of indulgence cannot be satiated.

Mumbai offers various places for enjoying this creation. I usually prefer Chandru’s – Andheri West; Elco Market – Bandra West; Kailash Parbat – Oberoi Mall – Goregaon East in the suburbs to savor this snack.

We all have our vivid memories of watching the vendor prepare the Puri, fill it with the mixture & Pani; we biting into the Puri, gulping the huge Gol in our mouths, our cheeks turning swell, our eyes watering with the pang of spice, the Pani running down our throat, we reminisce this activity & anxiously yearn for the next round of Puri. Let’s walk down the memory lane & list out our favorite Pani Puri locations, splurge countless times & keep delighting our taste buds with this ever addictive snack!

PS: Don’t forget the extra Pani & Sukkha Puri at the end of the ‘Gol-Gappa’ rounds to add the finishing touch to the snack!


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