China Calling

Authentic Chinese Cuisine is synonymous with “Mainland China”. This restaurant lists amongst my “Regulars”.  Visited the restaurant located in the suburbs – Andheri. The most striking feature of this place is the ambience with its huge ceiling & ample walk around space. Being a weekday, we got seated immediately. The order was placed on an iPad.  Not many restaurants offer the option of placing orders on an iPad in India. So if you are looking to impress your date with a pricey & uptown place, this could be it.

The meal course goes as – Shangsi Crabmeat Soup, Keong’s Chicken with Green Chilli & Spring Onion for starters, Fukien Crabmeat Fried Rice & Tsing Hoi Chicken for the entrée, Coconut Caramel Custard for Dessert. The aroma of the Cuisine filled the place & made me salivate.

Shangsi Crabmeat Soup is one of the best Crabmeat Soup’s I have had. It’s highly recommended since it has a huge amount of meat & slightly hot. Having tried the Crabmeat soup at various Chinese restaurants, this place tops my list. The Chicken starter was cooked to perfection; however there is nothing extraordinary about this starter. It is passable. There are many other starters which one could opt for here, my favorite being the Freshwater Whole Bekti Braised in a Sauce of your Choice, in case you are a sea food lover (this dish is listed in the main course; however one can try it as a starter).

The entrée was perfectly balanced. The Crabmeat rice amalgamated with the Chicken sauce. Not many prefer to mix poultry with sea food, however this combination tasted well. The disappointment was the Coconut Caramel Custard. The coconut flavor overpowered the custard, which didn’t suit my taste buds (not really a coconut lover except when used in sea-food).

The plating of the dishes is international standards & pleases the eye. The service is extremely appreciable; the staff is courteous & made sure that we had a pleasant meal, thumbs up!

Heavy on the pocket but pleasing to the palate, is the final verdict for this restaurant.

The Resverie’s Review

Quality Love
Quantity Neutral
Ambience Like
Service Love
Value for Money Dislike

The Resverie’s Meter from highest to lowest 

Love – Like – Neutral – Dislike – Hate



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