Badlapur = Revengeful


“The Axe forgets, the tree remembers”, marks the beginning of the dark, tantalizing noir narrative – Badlapur. Sriram Raghavan, the director has added one more stellar story to his kitty post the critically acclaimed ones – Ek Hasina Thi & Johnny Gaddar. True to its meaning, the film crafts the question “How far can one go, to avenge the death of loved ones?”

From the very beginning of the film which marks the unforeseen murder of Yami Gautam (Misha, Raghu’s wife) & her son, the main protagonist, Varun Dhawan (Raghu) transforms from a working advertising professional into an unfathomable, revengeful nonconformist. Kudos to Varun, on shedding his boy-next-door image with this bold & unflinching performance. Sriram has got the best out of him & made sure that Varun gives his contemporaries a run for their money.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Liaq), portrayed as the villain, is the opposite of Raghu & makes the audience laugh with his mindlessness while he is placed in confinement for 20 years.  The supporting cast – Huma Qureshi (Jhimli), a prostitute in love with Liaq; Vinay Pathak (Harman), Liaq’s partner-in-crime; Radhika Apte, Harman’s wife; Diyva Dutta, an NGO worker aimed at helping to reduce the term of prisoners; are all preyed-on, in the ruthless & unforgiving mesh crafted by Raghu. Kumud Mishra, the cop investigating the case & Ashwini Kalsekar, the detective aiding Raghu, complete the ensemble of this film.

The reins of the film run through the ploys of the human mind, which can act knowingly in a state of vacuousness. The anti-climax debates the righteousness of Raghu, plants the idea of a second chance in life & questions “What after retribution?” The gripping & bold scenes, the witty dialogues, the intriguing intensity of the plot & applaud able characters, are some of the reasons to watch this film.

The Resverie’s Review

Genre Thriller
Story Like
Music Like
Direction Love
Performance Love

The Resverie’s Meter from highest to lowest 

Love – Like – Neutral – Dislike – Hate


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