A Scoop for Everyone

“Ice Cream is the butter to my bread & the oxygen for my lungs.”

It’s a perennial companion for any occasion. It’s indulged on joyful instances such as marriage celebrations, datings, and outings with family/friends as well as depressing moments of heart-breaks as portrayed in romantic movies.

From the local Mewar ice-cream kiosks to the restaurants offering Kulfi with Falooda to the home grown brands like Amul, Kwality, Vadilal, Dinshaws, Natural’s, Mother Diary, Cream Bell, Vimal, Havmor to the international brands like Baskin & Robbins, Haagen Dazs, London Diary, Magnum, Movenpick, Mini Melts, Gelato, Amore; there are variety of flavors to cater to your individual liking’s. Recently I even came across an ice cream parlor offering vegetable ice cream. However bizarre this sounds, everyone is making the most of this sweet concoction.

My preference is usually laid on vintage flavors like vanilla by Amul, butterscotch with Caramel ribbon by Baskin & Robbins, fruit flavors by Natural’s – alphonso mango/custard apple & BDC (Belgium Dark Chocolate by Temptations. These are all time favorites! With the surge in International brands, stone cold creations & gelatos, would also recommend the Magnum Classic, Ferrero Rocher by Gelato (Mr. Michele Ferrero, the genuis creator of Ferrero chocolate passed away on this Valentine’s day), and Ice Cream Fondue at Haagen Dazs. If there’s any one who dislikes this heavenly dessert, they are unquestionably from an alien land.

Having said this let’s go back to when we were kids. As kids we gorged on the candy & then turned to our mirrors to compare the color of the candy on our tongues, which basked in bright yellows, purples & greens & laughed about it with everyone. Even today we have the nostalgic memories of the ice cream melting & dripping on our hands & our parents wiping away the mess. With the advent of urbanization we are spoilt for choice, which has practically diminished our cravings for ‘our dearest little candy’. So let’s go today & simply re-live those moments with our candy & savour the coolest dessert in history – the Ice Cream!


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