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2014 saw the release of the Bollywood movie “Hasee Toh Phasee”, it’s late to talk about this movie since we are in 2015, however it has left a lasting impression which needs to be spoken of. Starring Parineeti Chopra (Meeta) & Sidharth Malhotra (Nikhil), it’s a quirky rom-com of two misfits in the outer world who actually complement each other.

Meeta impersonates an intelligent, un-conventional, weird girl who stands up for her self, is deeply fond of her father & shares a very congenial relation with him. Nikhil on the other hand is full of mischief but lacks vigor to pursue his own ambitions, is embroiled into a relationship with Meeta’s elder sister (Karishma) & is pressured into proving his mettle ever now & then to her. Destiny causes Meeta & Nikhil to live together during the marriage celebrations of Nikhil & Karishma. What brews further can only be tasted if you sip on a cup of coffee & watch the movie!

Barring the soap opera drama of the family & other irrelevant theatricals, what’s most likeable about the movie is the chemistry between Meeta & Nikhil which is as transparent as water (H2O). The songs of the movie are a musician’s collectible. The peculiar dialogues reverberate every now & then, if you understand what I mean, which goes as below.

  • “Tum Oxygen Ho Aur Mein Double Hydrogen, Humari Chemistry Ekdum Paani Ki Tarah Hai” (You are Oxygen & I am double Hydrogen, Our Chemistry is just like Water)
  • “Ek Gheela Towel Milega? Gheela Towel Peth Pe Rakhne Se Bhook Mar Jaati Hai” (Can I get a Wet Towel? My hunger will die if I lay the wet towel on my stomach)

If you have not watched the movie then do watch it for the stupendous cracker performance of Parineeti Chopra, she stands out! Sidharth has complemented it with his poise & calmness.

The Resverie’s Review

Genre Rom-Com
Story Neutral
Music Love
Direction Neutral
Performance Like

The Resverie’s Meter from highest to lowest 

Love – Like – Neutral – Dislike – Hate


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