Indigo Delicatessen…. Relax & unwind

I was waiting since long to try Indigo Deli & finally the wait is over. We  visited this place at Mumbai Lower Parel, Palladium Mall during lunch  hours.

The receptionist was courteous & arranged for a table within seconds. The  café provides indoor & outdoor seating. We preferred sitting indoors. The  décor is arranged in hues of brown & black. Ample walk around space,  ceiling crafted like a pigeon hole concept (in wood) & stone flooring gives a  plush feel to the ambience. We were seated on cushions at the far end of  the café & it provided for complete seclusion & comfort. The white flowers  & candle centre piece were sheer bliss. Just what I was looking for!

The menu was exhaustive offering European, Italian & continental cuisine. We ordered for Chicken Ceaser Salad to begin with, followed by BBQ or Roast Chicken & Cheddar Wafer-thin Pizza & Chef’s special Kingfish served with mashed potatoes for the entrée.

I was famished & awaited the dishes eagerly since it was around 3 PM as we placed the order. While awaiting the order we were served with a bread basket. The Chicken Ceaser salad with Cheddar & mayo dressing was refreshing.

The plating of the Kingfish had an aesthetic appeal. The fish was lacking a bit of seasoning but the accompaniments along with it balanced it. Though the wafer-thin crust pizza was crackling, the toppings were highly disappointing. Enormous amount of tomato & deficient in flavor!

To break through the sour taste of the tomato we ordered the final course of the meal, Crème Brulee for dessert. The taste was perfect & delightful. No complaints on the dessert.

The bill was heavy on the pocket; we were prepared for the same. We were over-charged wrongly for the dessert which on notifying the steward was rectified.

To sum it up Indigo Deli is a good place to unwind with friends & enjoy gourmet delights in a relaxed ambience if budget is not your concern.

The Resverie’s Review

Quality Neutral
Quantity Like
Ambience Love
Service Neutral
Value for Money Dislike

The Resverie’s Meter from highest to lowest 

Love – Like – Neutral – Dislike – Hate


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